Borgo Antichi Orti Assisi

Borgo Antichi Orti Assisi

Around 1444 a small Benedictine monastery was built “extra moenia” (outside walls) in which other settlements had been added and that created a small hamlet at the foot of Assisi a welcoming outpost of the city.
Borgo Antichi Orti evokes tradition, a system of living in communion, in synergy, and sustainability.
It has the taste of intimacy of confidentiality of familiarity.

This magic place has two restaurants: La Locanda which uses Umbrian cuisine revisited in a modern key; the Botanical Lab on the other hand, offers a more dynamic culinary offer, with particular attention to the mixology world.

The Borgo hosts twelve widespread residences, each characterized by a strong personality in terms of decor and details, all with great attention and respect for environmental sustainability and the link with the territory.
Inside the structure there are the Blessed Hortuli 10,000 square meters of food and medicinal cultivars organized in quadrants with a central arena. An ideal place for events, weddings, outdoor activities that at the same time provide the main characters of our dishes.

Another essential unit is the Spagyric Laboratory.Is here where the harvested herbs transformation takes place.

Herbal teas, candles, preparations for cocktails and cosmetic products, is all you can find.

Borgo Antichi Orti is a place where you can enjoy multiple experiences gastronomic and musical events ceremonies holistic activities and treatments, cooking classes and cocktail bars, wine and oil tastings.

A unique and unrepeatable place at the foot of Asissi which gives our guests relaxation and harmony

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