Via di Francesco from North

In Umbria the journey becomes magical as the exploration, the suggestion, the interest are never completed because suddenly a village, a parish church, a hermitage, a wood, a flavor, a person with whom you can linger in talking, opening up new horizons, new goals, new boundaries. The Via di Francesco is an itinerary over 270 km long which, crossing Umbria from north to south, allows you to follow a path that is also an inner journey in search of values, of the desire for peace, retracing the ste...



Starting from € 733

Servizi Accessori

  • Overnight stays: Every evening accommodation is provided in structures such as the Refectory of the Pellegrino of the Sanctuary of La Verna, 3/2 star hotels, farmhouses and guest houses, guaranteeing overnight stay and dinner in the adjacent structure or restaurants.
  • Movements: We would like to suggest some movements because the path, even listening to those who have traveled the Way, could be challenging.
  • Luggage transport on request

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