What to do in Umbria in May? UmbriaSì tells you!

Four travel ideas and suggestions to do and experience in Umbria in May between alpacas, bikes, wine tastings and cultural experiences

1. Experience with Alpacas
Did you know that:
Alpacas make various types of sounds to communicate including a “buzz” called “Hamming”;
They also have body language such as neck posture, ear and tail position, and head tilt;
They have excellent hearing and excellent eyesight;
In case of danger, they warn the pack by emitting an intermittent sound similar to squeezing a rubber dog puppet.
Sources (Albus Alpacas)
Do you want to live your experience with alpacas?
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2. May 18 International Museum Day
On the occasion of this day which has been celebrated since 1977, full of cultural ideas in which the Museums become stories of man and the world, take advantage of it and live your cultural experience in Umbria with our packages including the ORVIETO CARTA UNICA or the SPOLETO CARD for the museums. .
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3.Wine tasting
In the month of Cantine Aperte, in collaboration with the Movimento del Turismo del Vino Umbria we have collected some of the best wineries in our area where we organize visits, wine tastings accompanied by the best food and wine products of Umbria.
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4.Your Be Active on Bike holiday
With the arrival of summer, the time has finally come to get on the bike and admire the fantastic views that Umbria offers, with the desire to discover the Umbrian territory on two wheels, through routes, landscapes, experiences of taste and history that flatly express the fulcrum, the heart of Umbria: its being a region suitable for itineraries between nature, culture and food and wine.
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