The Sanctuary of Merciful Love of Collevalenza

Umbria, with its picturesque hilly landscapes, medieval villages, and deep spiritual roots, is one of Italy’s gems. Among the numerous attractions this region has to offer, the Sanctuary of Collevalenza stands out as a place of devotion, hope, and reflection.

Located just a few kilometers from Todi, the Sanctuary of Collevalenza was founded at the behest of Mother Hope and built by the Spanish architect Julio Lafuente in 1951, with the intent of creating a place that represented and expressed God’s Mercy for all the faithful who had committed a sin and were seeking forgiveness and spiritual comfort.

An Enchanting Architecture
Beyond its spiritual significance, the Sanctuary also captivates visitors from an architectural standpoint: it has a circular plan with two large sacred halls, the crypt, and the upper church, which converge into a single architectural entity.

The Sanctuary creates a serene, welcoming, and bright atmosphere, thanks to a huge concave glass window.

Pilgrims visiting this sacred place are greeted with genuine smiles and a kindness typical of Umbrian hospitality. They can always confess, in the name of the same Mercy that the Sanctuary represents.

The Message of Water and the Famous Pools
Since March 1, 1979, the Water of the Sanctuary, coming from a nearby well, has been flowing into the pools (separated for men and women) and open to pilgrims or for the immersion of the sick, who could immerse themselves during the “Liturgy of the Waters” by the priests of the Sanctuary.

Currently, the “Liturgies of the Waters” are still active, while due to post-pandemic restrictions, immersions have been temporarily suspended, but at the same time, pilgrims who go to the Sanctuary and participate in the liturgy will be accompanied by the priest to the feet of the statue of Mary the Mediatrix to drink from the small fountains while reciting the prayer of the proper use of the Water and its spiritual meanings as “refreshment to the body and health to the soul and renewal of wonders for healings,” as always said by Mother Hope.

The Water of the Sanctuary is still considered a sign of Grace and an instrument of the Lord’s Mercy.