What to do in Umbria in December? UmbriaSì tells you

December is a magical month in Umbria, when the landscape transforms into an enchanting winter scene. We would like to guide you through a unique journey in this fascinating region, offering you an unforgettable experience during the festive season. Discover with us what to do in Umbria in December and let yourself be enchanted by this unique destination.

Christmas markets
Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere by exploring the Christmas markets of Perugia and Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Orvieto, Terni…
The squares are filled with twinkling lights, colorful stalls and the delicious scent of local specialties. It is the perfect opportunity to buy unique gifts and savor Umbrian delicacies.

The largest Christmas tree on water in the world on Lake Trasimeno
The Christmas tree on Lake Trasimeno is a magical tradition that lights up the shores of the lake in December. Located near Passignano sul Trasimeno, the tree sports twinkling lights, creating an enchanting sight reflected on the water. The lighting ceremony, usually accompanied by festive events, attracts visitors and residents, creating a unique Christmas atmosphere on the shores of this picturesque Umbrian lake. An unmissable experience to immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays in an evocative context.

The largest tree in the world in Gubbio
It is certainly among the most impactful Christmas attractions not only for Umbria, welcoming visitors who flock to admire the largest tree in the world from all over Italy and abroad.
Located along the slopes of Monte Igino, it is made up of around 800 lights powered by renewable sources and therefore not only a project with a great tourist impact but also an eco-sustainable one.
The Gubbio Tree is 450 meters wide and 750 meters high and measures 13 thousand square meters, reaching the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo on the top of the mountain.

Christmas in Cascia
In Cascia at Christmas, visit the Sanctuary of Santa Rita and admire the lights in the square. Participate in local traditions with cultural events and Christmas concerts. Delight your palate with Umbrian culinary specialties and indulge in excursions into winter nature. Don’t miss the evocative midnight mass to fully experience the magic of Christmas in this fascinating Umbrian town. Cascia offers an authentic and unforgettable experience during the holidays.

Living Nativity Scenes: Tradition and Authenticity
Umbria is a land of ancient traditions and profound spirituality. With today’s article with a Christmas flavor we will immerse ourselves in one of the most significant traditions: the Nativity scene of Saint Francis of Assisi.
This sacred representation is a testimony to the Umbrian cultural and religious heritage, an icon of faith and devotion that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Umbria in December offers a unique experience that blends the magic of the holidays with the beauty of nature and tradition. Trust us to organize your trip, guaranteeing you complete immersion in the culture, gastronomy and scenic wonders of this fascinating Italian region. Make your December unforgettable with a trip to Umbria.