The madman’s license in Gubbio

To feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, a bit like the Hatter, we take you to Gubbio, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Umbria, also known by the Roman name of Iguvium, rich in history, monuments, architectural works and … also famous for being known as the City of Fools!
Well as such, in the Gubbio city you can also take the Fool’s License complete with Parchment. Everything starts and revolves around the Bargello Fountain, built around the 16th century, located in front of Palazzo Bargello in the heart of the historic center of Gubbio and renowned for being the Fools’ Fountain! 

It all dates back to an ancient practice of 1880 and still in use today for the citizens of Gubbio but also for all the tourists traveling to Gubbio!
Attention! The Madmen’s license also requires requirements and is based on strict regulations:
1. It must be a genuine Eugubino to apply for the Madman’s License on your behalf
2. Pay a contribution to the Maggio Eugubino Association
3. Make 3 laps around the Fontana dei Matti in the presence of a genuine Eugubino Matto!
4. Being “baptized” by the spray of water from the Fontana dei Matti itself.

After passing the test, the same Association will grant you the Parchment of the Fool’s License written in medieval style.
The tradition of the Matti is linked to the laps, the “birate”, which take place around the main flagpole of Piazza Grande during the famous and folkloristic Ceri festival which is held every year on May 15th.

According to some geological studies, around the city they would have detected rocky conformations contaminated by a highly toxic chemical substance, iridium, which could in some way explain the “madness” of the Gubbio inhabitants.